Sunday, April 27, 2008

beautifuLL DRESS.. bEautifuLL material.. super comfy.. brand new wif tag!

RM 70

da grey top! - words cant explain it.. oni worn once.. free size!

Price: RM 10 ( SOLD )

be retro! be sophisticated!! dis antique hair pin worth RM 155.. sumthin u cant get anywhr.. but no worries... not haunted or anythin! =) nv even used be4..

Price: RM 40 NOW : RM 30

mickey is back in town!! sweet baby.. free size! nEW without tag!

Price: RM 60 ( SOLD )

Monday, April 21, 2008

sexy black tube!! meant for club or even dinner.. never worn. SUPER comfy and good material!

Price: RM 38 RM 35 ( SOLD )

HOT and SEXY!! - rest and relax's beautiful piece.. strictly for size xs or s gals..

Price: RM 30 ( original - RM 90 ) worn once. ( SOLD )

hangten angel spag.. super sweet.. and its brand new..

Price: RM 20 RM 15

levi's top!! red hot chilli pepper! worn oni once. fits size s..

Price: RM 20 RM 15

vest? jacket? bikey gal? formal wear? wateva u wan it to will be..

Price: RM 20 RM15

googles pink top! jus a sweet top..pinkish resembles ur girlish side! =)

Price: RM 15 RM 12

half off shoulder pink top. cute!

Price: RM 15

Sunday, April 20, 2008


look for da price at green!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

dis white top is actually posted before. but i hope u can c better from here.

Price: RM 28 RM 22

Sunday, April 13, 2008

dis week's special!!! blue body hugging top from ISSUE!

Price: RM 8 only!!!

cargo pants has nvr gone out of fashion. dis piece is free size.. and is only worn once.

Price: RM 15 RM 12 ( SOLD )

beauty series.. wanna go travellin but does not hav da utensils? dis set.. 3 small bottles wif da box is brand new.

Price: RM 6 RM 4

small cute bag for cute gals. dun tink dat its for small kids.. dis is sumthin u can brin to any age.

Price: RM 8 ( include shipping ) RM 5

Friday, April 4, 2008

little gingham!! bought from stylefactor boutique! reli nice actually.. but im super broke. need money badly.. altho i nv wear it be4.. but.. sobs..
Price: RM 26 ( SOLD )

its dis week's special!!!!! glamourous dinner dress! or perhaps jus a normal outing? its jus perfect!

Price: RM 45 includin shipping!!! WILL BE RM45

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2 pre-order items!! closeby 8 April!

dress!!! or top?!! can be worn in both ways!

Price: RM 30..

dis top is super elegant!! also available in red..

Price: RM 30..

p/s: photos thanks to elevist!