Thursday, February 28, 2008

sexy babe!! its free size actually.. i reli dun wanna giv u away.. but i reli thin down alot. Worn oni once!!

Price: RM 60 NOW! = RM 55 RM 50

a top from three point six. oso worn oni once. got skull pic dere.. wanna be nice but noti? hav dis!

Price: RM 32 NOW = RM 30 RM 25

Monday, February 25, 2008

glamorous purple mermaidD!! dis glamorous dinner dress if not sumthin u wanna miss. brand new.. and its free size gals..

Price: RM 52 NOW : RM 50

Saturday, February 23, 2008

white turtle is alwis sweet... browse tru below for more info.. =) ( SOLD )

seriously dis is sweet...especially for small size gals.. its reli sexy... c da price as u scroll down yea. reli worth it!

YJ jeans is nvr out of date.. dis pair is blue in colour. worn less den 3 times for sure.. originally bought at RM

Price: RM 25

sweet gal..sweet top.. can be a dress itself.. new!!

Price: RM 25 ( SOLD )

Thursday, February 21, 2008

eva tired of spagetti? try dis.. available in dark pink, green, lake blue, orange, pink, purple, white, and yellow. all brand new!!!

Price: RM 12 NOW: RM 10 ( SOLD OUT )

halter neck?!!!! all dis are brand new. available in blue, orange, green, dark pink... free size.

Price: RM 15 NOW: RM 14 ( SOLD OUT )

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dis sexy lady is super hot.. wear it to club or anywhr.. even formal functions..

Price: RM 20 Size: S

dis style necklace is brand new.. ive nv wear it.. i bought it cos it look so stunning.. too many necklace tho..

Price: RM 16

Stripey Pink!! wat i lik most is da blue stripe.. so sexy when u wear it.. i reli duwan to let it go.. worn oni twice..
Price: RM 14 Size: s RM 12

White turtle neck.. elegance is wat we r toking about.. worn once..
Price: RM 12 Size: s ( SOLD )

New York doggie.. loLZ. cute top here. brand new!
Price: RM 24

spagetti babes!! jUZ feelin hot? nah.. dis is cool..
Price: RM 12 Size: Free ( SOLD )

SEED's 3/4 sleeve top.. white puppy.. sweet innocent!
Price: RM 15 Size: S/M NOW: RM 14

basic tee.. simple plain black.. size S..
Price: RM13 NOW: RM 12 RM 10

a normal top from and be.. can be punky at times.. or mayb jus be simple.. be basic..

price: RM 15 Size: S/M NOW: RM 13 RM 10 ( SOLD )

Saturday, February 16, 2008

clearance sale!!!

all the prices have been discounted!! still negotiable tho!!!
in short..its CLEARANCE SALE!!!!
so i can brin in new stock!!! support support!!!

email me:
fresh from oVen!!

a simple top with lacey.. can be worn juz lidat or even wif another outer wear. sweet..

2 colours available.. white ( SOLD ) and grey ( SOLD )

Price: RM 26 each

sparklinG!!! so elegant!!! dis is sumthin u cant miss. Brand new!

Price: RM30 ( SOLD )

Friday, February 15, 2008


cute off shoulder top. blue-ish and wif flower. will model it if its asked. brand new!

Price : RM12 MARKDOWN= RM 10 ( SOLD )
Size: s/m

Sleeveless blue mickey top! wanna look sporty?! dis a cool one. fren of mine gave me but its too big for me.

Price: RM 15 MARKDOWN= RM 12

wanna go out aft work?! dun even havta brin extra clothes. look lik an executive in da mornin.. but cool at nite. dis grey top is brand new.


lookin for sumthin innocent? dis one fits da mood..wif a lil sexAY too. worn 2times.


dis vincci wallet is jus to nice.. i reli dun wanna let it go. its made of genuine leather.

Price: RM15 NOW: RM10 ( SOLD )

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

shop YEah!

U can never felt tired over shoppin! clothes of all styles and colours never end.. to me.. shop on9 is whr u can quality and varieties.. gonna cut da crap and go on..

do browse tru my clothes..and get addicted yeah! email me if u found wat u wan.. evrythin is negotiable.. so no worries! email me at . will reply u asap..

waitress?! hell no!! dis sexy thing is wat guys wanna c. its maroon in colour and since its my first piece.. da white top in it is free for u too!

condition: brand new- never worn
price: RM 25 NOW: RM 16 FURTHER MARKDOWN!! = RM 12
Size: s

da need to look BEAUTIFUL but not to attract to much attention?! dis is da perfect one. ensures u a full attention from HIM! Condition: Brand new- never worn!

Price: RM 35 NOW: RM 30 FURTHER MARKDOWN!= RM 25 RM 20 ( SOLD )

dis is more to comfy...a lil to korea style.. a dress wif turtle neck.. unique yet sweet. Its brand new! never even worn..

Price: RM 35 NOW: RM30 FURTHER MARKDOWN!= RM 25 RM 20 ( SOLD )

i luv dis as a set. jus way too sweet and innocent. da top is from Island Shop and skirt from Voir.

Price: top = RM 12 NOW : RM 10,

Skirt = RM 30 NOW: RM 28 FURTHER MARKDOWN!= RM 25 RM 20

hot isnt it?da halter neck can be worn to almost anywhr!!! sporty yet sexy! or u prefer to look sweet and girlish?! put on da Zara blouse on it.. definitely a great choice!

Price: Halter neck= RM 12 NOW: RM 10 , Zara blouse= RM 25 NOW: RM 20 ( BOTH SOLD )

a comma skirt here to brighten ur day! =) can be worn to work or even casual wear. sweet colour!

Price: RM 30 NOW: RM 28 FURTHER MARKDOWN! = RM 25 RM 20

a T-shirt is a great deal.. hav u eva tink how hot u wil be in T-shirt? dis pink glamour gonna brighten ur day for sure. mayb u dun reli lik da shiny part to work.. but u can wear it to bed.. its kind silk type of cloth. very sexy.. ur partner wil NOT let u go for sure.. A BOYFREN SHIRT IS SEXY!!!

Price: RM 25 NOW: RM 22 FURtHER MARKDOWN! = rm 15

White net to cover u.. nice but notty?!! dats wat evryone wants..rite?!


a top from Issue!! Super sexy.. body hugging to da max! u gonna luv dis!

Price: RM 15 Size: s NOW: RM 10

dis is not a dress. but a blouse and its skirt. can be worn to work for sure. vry unique fabric. super comfortable.