Sunday, March 30, 2008

black dress!! super cun!! cant reli take da whole dress here.. but its reli elegant! short to long cutting.. will try to find an example ok?! but do email me if ur interested. it is made of silk material.. vry soft and comfy. purchase at above RM100.. now..

Price: RM 55

black is quality! yeababe.. dis is brand new!

Price: RM25 RM 18

wanna look elegant as ever..?dis is sexy but elegant i would say..

Price: RM 28 RM 22

shorts time!!! denim material.. size s/m..

Price: RM 35 RM 30

dis dress is make of silk.. super soft an comfy.. vry sexy wen u wear it too. most important is strechable.. means it fits all size S-L..

Price: RM30 ( SOLD ) sweet? Brand new wi tag.. free size..

Price: RM30 RM 26 ( SOLD )

classy look? yea babe..brand new wif tag!! free size gals!

Price: RM 55 ( SOLD )

and dis week's special?!!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

remember dis set? da tops are sold.. but now?!! im selling off da skirt!! super sexy skirt.. oni worn twice.. fit size s or m..

Price: RM 30 NOW: RM25 RM 20

dis sexy lacey skirt is perfect for work or even sum occasion.. trust me u wun regret it. ive nv worn it before.. size s.. bought at RM80.

Price: RM30 NOW: RM 24

and finally? dis week's special!!!! selling it off for a special price..

Price: RM 8 only!!! ( include shipping )

Friday, March 21, 2008




NOW! im having promotion to clear up stock..
so i can brin new and even more trendy clothes.

gals... free delivery for purchase of a total 3 items!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

dress are evryone's favourite! purchase from taiwan. vry good material. nv worn before.

Price: RM47 NOW: RM 42 RM 40

Monday, March 10, 2008

christian dior belt!! everyone's favourite. brand new. never used.

Price: RM 20 NOW: RM 17 MARKDOWN! = RM 14 ( SOLD )

beige girly belt. hav long strings for u to tie at any length. super sweet.

Price: RM 18 NOW: RM 12 MARKDOWN!! - RM 8 RM 5

3/4 pants? yea.. dis is! light blue in colour.. almost white. vry sweet one. its of 25 inches. bought from singapore. worn only twice. its a steal... bought at $ 35.

Price: RM 30 NOW: RM 25 ( SOLD )

samuel and kevin chics? dis lady-like top a.k.a dress is brand new. nvr worn altho its tag-less. present from sum1 special but not my style.

Price: RM 40 NOW: RM 38 MARKDOWN!! = RM 35

Thursday, March 6, 2008

sweet dress for sweet gals. brand new wif tag!

Price: RM 46 NOW: RM 44 RM42 ( SOLD )


i reli wanna clear up da stocks.. so im giving free delivery to those who purchase RM 80 and above! browse tru below as well ok?? further markdowns and discounts are given too.

thanks for ur support!!! will post up more..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

look below for its details yeah? dis is an unique piece. =) ( SOLD )

mickey mickey!! dis mickey pic is modelled as a request from a customer. i would lik to share to whoeva is interested! c below for details k.

elle top! evryone's favourite. i would say dis is reli a sweet one.

Price: RM 12

bought it but didnt use it at all. so wanna c if anyone interested in dis sexy g-string. super sexy design wif a clothes-less triangle in da middle.

Price: RM 4 ( including postage ) NOW: RM3

boys! boys!!! do u wanna c ur cute bf in fit shirts dat show their mucles? lolZ. wow.. dun imagine further man. its killing me. i actually bought dis for my ex. but didnt gav him in da end. i tink its time to forget da past. bought dis at a price of RM60.

Price: RM 30 NOW: RM 27

Monday, March 3, 2008

dis is a top cover wif a little skin-look tru cloth. vry sophisticated. NEW!

Price: RM 13 NOW= RM10 ( SOLD )
here come mickey!! sexy chick in dis top! worn once oni.

Price: RM 18 NOW= RM15 RM10
yoga or jogging fan? got a nike top here for u. blue in colour wif nike sign in front. super sporty type.

Price: RM 22 NOW= RM 17 RM 14

a bracelet and an anklet. cute! both wif bells.. super sweet. anklet is da one wif crosses. bracelet is as in first pic.

Bracelet- RM 5 NOW= RM4 RM 2
Anklet- RM 7 NOW= RM 6 RM 4
Both - RM 10 NOW= RM8 RM 5

Free postage!

r u a momoe fan? got a momoe bag here!! =) used few times oni. still in vry gd condition. can be hold as in da first pic..or on to da two side. didnt publish in da pics. but as u can c.. dere are two belt head at da first pic. bought at rm89.90.

Price: RM 38 ( SOLD )

Sunday, March 2, 2008


bonia black bag. look elegent lik u alwis want. comes wif two sections. ease u wif ur makeups and monies. =) used once.

Price: RM30 NOW= RM 28 RM 22 ( SOLD )

brownie!!! let dis little brown leather bag show sum simplicity. used oni 2-3 times. bought in thailand at a quite high price. made of leather with velvet cloth inside. can be seen as in picture.
Price: RM 20 NOW: RM 18 ( SOLD )