Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cream Bare Back Seducing Dress
Size - Free Size (BRAND NEW)
Price - RM 22.00

Sweetie with a layer of lining...Brand NEW.
NEVER worn/wash before.
Fits size S - M as its very stretchable.
Price - RM 18.00

Mini ruffles! Never worn by me before. =)

Price: RM 15

Sweet Original Reebok tee!
Never worn b4! Brand new with REEBOK tag!
(clearing my wardrobe)
Size: S
Price : 14
CUte! wear it casually or to work!
Brand NEW!

Price: RM 28 ( 2 peices available) - 1 SOLD 1 AVAILABLE

Super nice!
Worn twice only.
Size - 5
Price - 8 (SOLD)

Brand New Skirt from "MESSAGE"with tag. Bought at RM 79.90.
Extremely good material with comfy lining. Elegant yet Sweet.
Size - S
Price - RM 22.00

Thursday, July 16, 2009

nike run! worn. authentic.

Price: RM 10

Basic from Island Shop.

Price: RM 8

Donkey top.

Price: RM 10
RM 5 only. Mickey.

Friday, June 26, 2009



Available in brown only.

Price: RM 25. ( SOLD )


available in green and brown.


Price: RM 25. (Green SOLD)

SHORTS for RM10!!


used. Size s.

snow flake. (SOLD)
used. Size s.

both are in good condition.
selling them due to my big ass. =(

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



I'm trying to clear everything.
When I'm moving through a new phrase of life.

I know you would understand.
Those beautiful clothes.. you bought.
Worn once? Twice?
They deserve a better owner.

All these prices are slashed!

Email me.

non authentic quicksilver top!

Price: RM 10

kiss me baby! red cute top!

Price: RM 10

non authentic ELLE top.

Price: RM 10

Body glove racerback! Total sporty!

Price: RM 15 ( Ori price: RM59 )

Hot bust enhancer! Brand new!

Price: RM 20

Remember this top? Brand new here.

Price: RM 15

Sexy Chick!

Price: RM 20

Just a normal outing..

Price: RM 15

A top from sesame street! Hehe. Worn once only.

Price: RM 15

sexy black top.. with ruffles at the strap..

Price: RM 15

White shorts.. fits size s.

Price: RM 15

Brand new top. sexy yet elegant.

Price: RM 35

sporty or not?

Price: RM 20

dotty sexy cutie. whatever it is.
Brand new.

Price: RM 35

Purple girlish..

Price: RM 15

Abercrombie body hugging toppie.

Price: RM 20 ( SOLD)

Black skirt.

Price: RM 15

cute top here. Brand new.

Price: RM 25

Club? Chill? this is sexy. Never worn by me.

Price: RM 35

Formal or not? Available in white or black. Square neck.
Worn twice.

Price: RM 15 (SOLD- WHITE / available in black)

Formal skirt for sure. Available in black and brown.
Worn once only.

Price: RM 20 (SOLD- BLACK / available in dark brown)

Prom dress now. Brand new with tag.

Price: RM 55

Tube top. Size m.
Never worn by me.

Price: RM 15

FOrmal white ruffles. Brand New.

Price: RM 30

Formal shirt. Available in all stripes colour.

Price: RM 20 each.