Wednesday, March 5, 2008

look below for its details yeah? dis is an unique piece. =) ( SOLD )

mickey mickey!! dis mickey pic is modelled as a request from a customer. i would lik to share to whoeva is interested! c below for details k.

elle top! evryone's favourite. i would say dis is reli a sweet one.

Price: RM 12

bought it but didnt use it at all. so wanna c if anyone interested in dis sexy g-string. super sexy design wif a clothes-less triangle in da middle.

Price: RM 4 ( including postage ) NOW: RM3

boys! boys!!! do u wanna c ur cute bf in fit shirts dat show their mucles? lolZ. wow.. dun imagine further man. its killing me. i actually bought dis for my ex. but didnt gav him in da end. i tink its time to forget da past. bought dis at a price of RM60.

Price: RM 30 NOW: RM 27

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