Sunday, May 18, 2008

BABES!! too many clothes for urself? mayb its time for ur honEy!

all these clothes r brand new..

all r limited to one piece oni! email me.. to purchase!

mr cool! damn.. dis is super chun!

Price: RM 25

ALISTONE! cute one babes..

Price: RM 25

long sleeve beige! small pocket on da left hand as in seen on top.. worn twice..

Price: RM 10

vacancy?! hmm..tie up ur guy gals..!!

Price: RM 20

your future bf?! lol.. dis is cute..

Price: rm25 ( SOLD )

Paul frank gals.. not sumthin u find evrywhr..


Stripey boy.. so soft and comfortable dat u wanna slp on him..

Price: rm45

simple but nice!! blackie!

Price: RM 25

seed calls for dis brown tee!

Price: RM 25 ( SOLD )

renoma top! rare one..definitely gonna keep him warm..

Price: rm38

charge urself red! jacket or top? anyone wil do.. =)

Price: rm 20

wool?! damn..dis spells comfort! not gonna regret dis..

Price: Rm 35

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