Saturday, July 5, 2008

RM 5 cornerR!!! a need to clear up da wardrobe to allow new items!! these items are all in good condition.. brand new!

not sumthing u wanna miss!

dis belt!! last one to go.. so selling at real low price.. brand new babes! ( SOLD )

a basic top for u to flawn ur body..

a white racerback.. pic credits to addiction-ria.. ( SOLD )

dis top is not attached. its of two pieces.. reli brand new!

basic spagetti.. army colour.. ( SOLD )

remember dis shorts?!! it went hot da laz time i posted! now selling at rm 5 to clear da wardrobe..

oni size s available.. and oni light brown and beige ( SOLD ) available.. ( SOLD OUT! )

dis belt is a classic one. one left!

D&G.. basic wear for u.. ( SOLD )

nope! dis dress is definitely not under rm 5 corner.. but its taken under da request of a customer..

selling at rm50! u cant imagine wats da original price! => its new! nvr worn before at all..

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