Monday, August 11, 2008

nightiesSS!! are u tired of sexy gowns and lace? find sumthin cute here. yet hot.. comes in a set. both from the cotton shop! super comfy. have 3 sets with me now. so.. dun wait! it is of free size.. seriously.. so no worries.

Price: RM 28 ( SOLD ONE ) ---- ( MARKDOWN! - RM 22 )

ever bored of wedges? nahhh.. u muz be kiddin. dis is sumthin special NOSE. worn twice. Fits size 4-5.

Price: RM 20 ( SOLD )

half formal and half informal? dis will satisfy u. wif a crystal heart.. dis melinda's sandals will fit u. Fits size 4-5. worn 3 times.

Price: RM 8

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