Friday, October 17, 2008

green ribbon!! jus bought! super like it. but im way too small size.. so it turned out to be loose.
BRAND NEW! * pic cdt to closetchaoZ

Price: RM40

a BRAND NEW with price tag ROMP top! cross strap at da back.. a reli sweet yet sexy at da same time!

Price: RM 39 ( RM30 NOW!! )

by request of customer. im modelling the top dat is on sale now.

Price: TOP- RM 20. JEANS as seen.. is da baleno jeans as on sale now. pls view below for details.

as requested by customer! never worn by me.

Price: RM 25

a blue jeans for sale! boot cut jeans! in very good condition.

Price: RM 20 only. its a steal!

clubbing?! working?! shopping?! anywhr u wanna go!! BRAND NEW!!
selling it off as it was loose on me. Size 4-5.

Price: RM 30 ( SALE- RM 20 now!)

slim fit jeans for da perfect flaunt! Worn twice max.

Price: RM 60 ( ori- RM 149.90 )

kiss me!! wear this for ur lover. he'll love it! BRAND NEW. it will flaunt ur sexy body.

Price: RM 15

quicksilver top! non authentic.

Price: RM 10

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