Saturday, March 21, 2009

wanna be professional yet SEXY?! an accent shirt for u! in very good condition.
Fits size s. body hugging.. u'll be super hot!

Price: RM 20 (SALE - RM 15 now!)

an impulse buy.. total brand new! original piece from walt disney.
just a casual but body flaunting top.

Price: RM 35 ( including postage ) ( SALE- RM 15 NOW!)
* special - u can purchase other items wif this top.. and yet.. postage is stil free.

this is a very unique one. bought 3 pieces (took one myself!)

forgot to mention this... ITS BRAND NEW!

Price: RM25. ( 2 pieces ) - 1 sold

Worn once. Superb beauty. its a total attraction! trust me.

Price: RM 70 ( RM50 sale! )

Sexy, Seducing and Elegant top!!!!

Price - RM 20 ( RM15 now! )

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