Sunday, April 4, 2010

Need to clear!

due to request from beloved customers.. all sold out items will be removed!

happy shopping! feel free to e-mail me at for any queries or purchases. everything is negotiable! =)


Side note. As seen on item W2, we are selling the mannequin as well.. half body plastic.. for hanging.

RM 25 each. (Pre-orders needed.)

 W2. The unique.
A unique piece found obtained from the supplier.
Brand new.

RM 30 per piece.

 W1. a formal yet unique piece.
Available in black and white. Both brand new.
Pic cdt to angel glory.
Price: RM49

ballerina dress.. =)
brand new with tag.
RM 59
*pic credit to bunnynoo

Bodycon dress.. dark blue.
worn once for dinner.
Price: RM49

AX bag! grey in colour!
authentic armani exchange!
used. original price - RM 550

NOW - RM 250. with postage

swirl dress. hot and sexay.
u can tie the string across your neck..
or to leave it just like the picture.
worn only once.

RM 35 ( Purchased at RM 89.90)

japan turtleneck.
worn once. can wear to work or even outings.
super comfortable!
fits size s-m.

RM 20

corporate top.
brand - element. excluding tube top.
very formal yet cool. =)
fits size s.

RM 30 (Purchased at RM 99)

pic cdt to vcottage.
BRAND NEW. green halter.

RM 25

Authentic GUESS dress.
Purchased from Bunnynoo. Have been in the wardrobe since purchase.
Sigh. No idea where to wear it too.

RM 100

orangie.. FOREVER 21!
never worn by me. very very good condition.
RM 40

VINCCI Black Formal - Casual Wedges! Brand new with box!
Size : 5 1/2 (but ppl with size 5, should be just fine, cuz the cutting is a little smaller)
Price : RM30

Brand New Top!
Size: S
Price: RM 20

VJ Jeans never goes out.
In very good condition. Fits 26"-29".
RM 20

Bodyglove racerback. Cool one.
RM 15

Sweet purple. Too loose for me.
Got small boobs. Sigh.

RM 25

Basic tank top? - From Island Shop.
Very good condition.
RM 15

Pink Floral skirt. =)
Worn only once.
Fits size s.
RM 25

Slack for students.
For minor presentation.. or just for a momentary wear.
Still in very good condition. Fits size s.

RM 10

sweet and playful. =D
available in pink and blue! - BlooK!

RM 28 each.  RM 20 NOW!!

abercrombie hot pants! - authentic!
wee! used several times.

RM 35

going for beach party? even light shopping? date?
perfect dress for u.
brand new with tag.

RM 35 RM 30 NOW!!

angel white.
brand new with tag. too loose for me. sigh.
really beautiful dress. but..
pic cdt to angel-glory

RM 48

black angel.
wear to work.. or to dinner. cocktail perhaps?
brand new without tag. a real pretty item.
pic cdt to angel-glory.

RM 48


wear it to work.. and look as cool as ever.
brand new without tag! fits size s-m.

RM 25

puffy sleeve. cute yet smart.
worn several times.

RM 15

army chic. this is one sexy one.
made of silk.. best in current weather.
worn once.

RM 20

bf shirt? or look smart at work?
agenda top is the one.
worn trice. perfect. only problem for me.. its too loose.

RM 25

the zip dress.
wear it to party or work!
zip from the top to bottom. ouch.. sexay chic.
brand new!

RM 30

cute black.
college or outings? perfect one.
brand new with tag.

RM 35

brand new without tag! dark brown and hot!

RM 18

soft pink!
something u wanna wear to cinema.. genting?
Lol. made of wool.. and yeah.. nice!
brand new without tag - MNG brand.

RM 30

Sweet flowery puffy skirt:))
Brand New!!

RM 21

Brand new with tag. wear it for work or play!
unique piece!

RM 55 ( pic cdt to bunnynoo)

sexy black skirt!
for work or just outing.
pic cdt to seventh.

Brand new!

Price: RM 45  (SOLD)

midnight glam!
Brand new with tag!
work just look so feminine. pic cdt to seventh.

Price: RM 35

shortsss!! to pair it up with bikinis?!

RM 10 (free pos express)

long flair skirt.. however it work just fine as a tube dress.
super casual yet elegant babe! oh yea.. its BRAND NEW!

RM 38

skirt dress? remember this?
wear it without or with a short in it! just sexayY!

RM 30

black angel.. double lining..
perfect for dinners.. sumthin elegant yet define u well.
worn only once.

RM 30

Vibrant Orange Dress!Ready Stock!
Price: RM 23
black huggingz!
Purchased at RM 99. Worn several times.
Thus selling at RM 10 only. However its in good condition.

roxy chick! =D
a roxy spag that i has only been worn once.
purchased at RM 100.

now priced: RM 20

bodycon spag! total body hugging.
brand new with tag. =)

Price: RM 15

worn twice only! Zara top. size S.
Price: RM 28

Purchased from bunny. sweet white!
sigh. i have no occasion to wear to. =(
Price: RM 35

Prom dress for beautifuULL gals!
Brand new with tag. too old for proms. Lol.
Price: RM 55 (Ori: RM 99)

Another sexay dress for u gals out dere!
totally flaunt ur curve. Purple blinkie. Suit UK 8-UK10.
Price: RM 40 (SALE: RM 30)

esprit baG! - picture credits to bunnynoo.

Purchased a year ago. Barely used.
For sale now at RM 25. (SOLD)

Vincci heels! Brand new with box. =)
Superb unique heels. Size 4.
RM 30.

Yellow cardi.
RM 15 (SOLD)

Sexy OL? cute! Brand New with tag.
RM 28

White top - 1/2 length sleeve.
RM 15

the pencil skirt.
fits uk 6-10. comes along with the belt.


Sleeveless OL. Silk in material.
RM 20

White samantha! Brand new!
RM 28 (SOLD)

blue shorts. worn twice.
RM 15

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