Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stripey Pink!! wat i lik most is da blue stripe.. so sexy when u wear it.. i reli duwan to let it go.. worn oni twice..
Price: RM 14 Size: s RM 12

White turtle neck.. elegance is wat we r toking about.. worn once..
Price: RM 12 Size: s ( SOLD )

New York doggie.. loLZ. cute top here. brand new!
Price: RM 24

spagetti babes!! jUZ feelin hot? nah.. dis is cool..
Price: RM 12 Size: Free ( SOLD )

SEED's 3/4 sleeve top.. white puppy.. sweet innocent!
Price: RM 15 Size: S/M NOW: RM 14

basic tee.. simple plain black.. size S..
Price: RM13 NOW: RM 12 RM 10

a normal top from and be.. can be punky at times.. or mayb jus be simple.. be basic..

price: RM 15 Size: S/M NOW: RM 13 RM 10 ( SOLD )

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