Wednesday, February 13, 2008

shop YEah!

U can never felt tired over shoppin! clothes of all styles and colours never end.. to me.. shop on9 is whr u can quality and varieties.. gonna cut da crap and go on..

do browse tru my clothes..and get addicted yeah! email me if u found wat u wan.. evrythin is negotiable.. so no worries! email me at . will reply u asap..

waitress?! hell no!! dis sexy thing is wat guys wanna c. its maroon in colour and since its my first piece.. da white top in it is free for u too!

condition: brand new- never worn
price: RM 25 NOW: RM 16 FURTHER MARKDOWN!! = RM 12
Size: s

da need to look BEAUTIFUL but not to attract to much attention?! dis is da perfect one. ensures u a full attention from HIM! Condition: Brand new- never worn!

Price: RM 35 NOW: RM 30 FURTHER MARKDOWN!= RM 25 RM 20 ( SOLD )

dis is more to comfy...a lil to korea style.. a dress wif turtle neck.. unique yet sweet. Its brand new! never even worn..

Price: RM 35 NOW: RM30 FURTHER MARKDOWN!= RM 25 RM 20 ( SOLD )

i luv dis as a set. jus way too sweet and innocent. da top is from Island Shop and skirt from Voir.

Price: top = RM 12 NOW : RM 10,

Skirt = RM 30 NOW: RM 28 FURTHER MARKDOWN!= RM 25 RM 20

hot isnt it?da halter neck can be worn to almost anywhr!!! sporty yet sexy! or u prefer to look sweet and girlish?! put on da Zara blouse on it.. definitely a great choice!

Price: Halter neck= RM 12 NOW: RM 10 , Zara blouse= RM 25 NOW: RM 20 ( BOTH SOLD )

a comma skirt here to brighten ur day! =) can be worn to work or even casual wear. sweet colour!

Price: RM 30 NOW: RM 28 FURTHER MARKDOWN! = RM 25 RM 20

a T-shirt is a great deal.. hav u eva tink how hot u wil be in T-shirt? dis pink glamour gonna brighten ur day for sure. mayb u dun reli lik da shiny part to work.. but u can wear it to bed.. its kind silk type of cloth. very sexy.. ur partner wil NOT let u go for sure.. A BOYFREN SHIRT IS SEXY!!!

Price: RM 25 NOW: RM 22 FURtHER MARKDOWN! = rm 15

White net to cover u.. nice but notty?!! dats wat evryone wants..rite?!


a top from Issue!! Super sexy.. body hugging to da max! u gonna luv dis!

Price: RM 15 Size: s NOW: RM 10

dis is not a dress. but a blouse and its skirt. can be worn to work for sure. vry unique fabric. super comfortable.


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